The Curate Workshop | A curated feed for your brand or business. 

You are passionate about your brand and want other people to be - and we want your instagram feed to reflect that! This workshop will teach you how to take great photos with your camera phone, edit consistently, and curate the perfect visual representation for your brand or business feed. Ashleigh Amoroso and Katie Jameson were both identified as suggested users by Instagram and have been fortunate enough to garner a significant following. We would love to share with you what we have found to be successful in curating a feed that is a aesthetically pleasing representation of your brand or business.  Additionally, we will have a representative from Instagram at the workshop as a guest speaker! She will be there to share all things related to small business on Instagram and she'll be a part of our Q & A at the end. We hope you'll join us at One Eleven East on June 26th from 10am until 2pm for mimosas, mingling, snacks, knowledge, instagram breaks, and an amazing lunch spread. We can't wait to meet you! 

Who this class is for:

  • anyone with a small brand business looking to take advantage of the benefits of instagram as a marketing tool

You will learn:

Who is this class not for:

  • someone just looking to increase numbers (followers, likes, etc.)
    • Garnering an engaged following is much more beneficial than simply increasing your numbers. We want to teach you the skills that you will need to do this. 
  • how to create content specific to your brand

  • the basics of photography and how to edit your photos in a cohesive way for your brand

  • how to develop your brand's voice, style, and culture

  • how to build an enticing profile to attract people to your website 

  • how to curate your feed as a whole for your brand (and why that's so important!)

  • how to acquire a strong, relevant, and engaged audience

  • the unspoken rules of instagram

Ashleigh Amoroso + Katie Jameson, Austin photographers, make up the team behind The Curate Workshop. Each of them were identified as a suggested user on Instagram and they have acquired a significant following for their feeds. The two joined forces with the hope of encouraging people to carefully curate their feed for their brand or business. They wish to share the tips and tricks they have learned over the years to help you build a feed that best represents your brand and attracts clients or customers that  love your aesthetic and brand's culture.