We hired Ashleigh and Katie to do a photography class at our annual Summit and they far exceeded our expectations. They offered us amazing tips that were easy to follow and put into practice. Within just one hour everyone with the group was taking amazing photos with just their iphone. We highly recommend you take their course!  
The NEAT Method (@neatmethod)
The Curate Workshop felt like a total breath of fresh air. I loved having all of my specific questions answered, from what filter do you use to what inspires your color scheme. I felt challenged to think outside the box, literally - outside the little 1x1 square we share our lives on is a platform that we curate our creativity and we got to explore that during the workshop. Katie and Ashleigh were so attentive to detail and even let us mingle for "photo breaks"! The BEST. There was a beautiful display of food, cute florals and gifts from different vendors at the most beautiful venue, so a photo break was very necessary haha. I enjoyed talking with other creatives and bonding in our struggle to stand out but stay true to our own personal style. The curate workshop inspired me so much and actually pushed me to really think about what I was posting and why. I ended up gaining 60+ real followers within the next week because I was so conscious of curating a page that was appealing to the eye and really promoted my style. It was important for me to understand more of the content to curate a page that inspires real followers and not just through a million hashtags. I would definitely recommend The Curate Workshop to anyone looking for that spark of creativity or needs a little guidance to curate an Instagram that speaks true to you. Katie and Ashleigh are the real deal. They are so humble about their work and success and it's a beautiful thing that they want to share all they've learned with others!
Adriana Morfitt, Curate Workshop Attendee (@the_goldatlas)
The Curate Workshop was not only a lot of fun, but also very informative and inspirational. Ashleigh and Katie make a great team and really spelled out the best practices for using Instagram. The class was comprehensive and covered everything from photography composition and editing to having a voice and building a brand with your captions. Since the workshop, I overhauled my account and have gained considerably more followers. The best part is that they are quality followers and are way more invested than before. I had great success with my first giveaway and people are regularly commenting, sharing and reaching out which rarely ever happened before. I would highly suggest this class to anyone with a business or brand that is on Instagram. 
Holly Kratz, Curate Workshop Attendee (@urbanmettle)